a most unusual day



Something rather extraordinary is happening in Caroline’s life today . . . her family is adopting a new baby sister! A warm and loving story about school, family, siblings, and adoption, for anyone eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new sibling.

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A most unusual day... a Junior Library Guild selection and has received three starred reviews from Kirkus, School Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly.

kirkus (starred review)

"Caroline’s grandmother is staying with her while her parents are away, but it’s not immediately clear why this is so. The sensitive text and expressive, gestural art make plain, however, that Caroline is distracted and uneasy as she awaits their return. The reason for Caroline’s fretfulness is revealed when her parents pick her up from school with “a bundle from far, far away.”...An unusually good adoption book." Full review here.

School Library Journal (starred review)

"Caroline and her world are lovingly rendered by Goodale in ink and watercolors. The setting is modern, and the color palette fresh and light. The pages are full of detail and texture where it matters, clean lines, with secondary characters and objects sketched in gray and pastel silhouettes. VERDICT This adoption story fills an important need in most picture book collections while also representing the general experience of becoming an older sibling. A must purchase for any library serving families." Full review to come.

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Mallery, a poet, makes expert use of rhythm and repetition to give a palpable sense of Caroline’s anxiety, anticipation, and final acceptance, while Goodale’s standout ink-and-watercolor digital collages reflect both the particulars of a child’s world and the sweeping enormity of her feelings. An adoption story from the fresh viewpoint of an older sister, Mallery’s debut captures a child’s universal feelings with remarkable warmth and sensitivity." Full review here.


“There’s a sweetness to this story of Caroline’s topsy-turvy day, one that comes from the quiet understanding of classmates and her teacher. Caroline is disorganized, forgetful, distracted at school, and also clumsy, but there’s a good reason, and everyone seems to understand. Goodale’s illustrations clue readers in to the special nature of this day…” Full review here.

the horn book

"...through the author’s calm but full-of-undercurrents text and Goodale’s warm colors and use of texture, the book manages to depict Caroline’s anxiousness without striking an ominous tone. At book’s end, when we find out exactly why the day is unusual—it’s the day Caroline meets her new baby sister—it’s clear that she and her family wouldn’t have it any other way." Full review to come.